This section lists all Registered Sites and Participants.

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Heat networks can vary in how they are designed, built and operated. Therefore we require companies to register each heat network individually as a Registered Site.   

Registered Participant is a company that has registered one or more heat networks with Heat Trust. This is the heat supplier for the heat network site(s) that they have registered with Heat Trust.

Therefore a Registered Site means a development, site, scheme or location, within which a heat network is operating that has registered with Heat Trust.

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By registering with Heat Trust, Registered Participants are making a commitment that each Registered Site they have registered with Heat Trust will comply with the service standards set-out in the Scheme Rules, the Scheme Bye-Laws, and the Guidelines.

For further information, please see the Scheme Rules.

These Registered Sites and Participants can also be verified through the use of the registered Heat Trust trademark. Only Registered Sites and Participants of Heat Trust have permission to use this mark. Please contact us if you believe this mark is being used without our permission.

Registered Participants

We currently have thirteen heat suppliers that have registered one or more heat networks with Heat Trust. 

  • E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd
  • SSE Heat Networks Ltd
  • Metropolitan King’s Cross (95 degrees)
  • Metropolitan Infrastructure Ltd
  • East London Energy Ltd (Engie)
  • Switch2 Energy Ltd
  • The Paintworks ESCO Ltd (Vital Energi)
  • Energetik (Lee Valley Heat Network Operating Company Ltd)
  • Loka Energy Ltd
  • Engie Urban Energy Ltd
  • Highland Bioheat Ltd
  • Veolia Energy and Utility Services UK 
  • Independent Community Heating Ltd


Registered Sites

Below are the heat networks that are registered with Heat Trust. They have been grouped according to the region where they are located. A map of registered sites is available in the left hand menu.

London region

The following heat networks are registered with Heat Trust in the London region, categorised by borough:


Academy Central

Hammersmith & Fulham

Fulham Wharf
TV Centre

Tower Hamlets

Aldgate Place
Alie Street (Altitude)
Blackwall Reach
Lincoln Plaza
St Andrews


Millbrook Park
West Hendon


Orchard Village
Reflections Romford


Balham Hill
Hardwicks Way
Nine Elms
The Residence - Nine Elms
Riverlight Heat Network
Wandsworth Riverside Quarter


Barham Park
North West Lands


Drayton Garden Village
Old Vinyl Factory



Merchant Square


Central King's Cross


Queensland Road




City House
New South Quarter


Grafton Square
Myatts Field North



Arnos Grove
Ponders End



Cannon Wharf
Catford Green
Loampit Vale
Thurston Road



Greenwich Millennium Village
Greenwich Square
New Capital Quay
Enderby Wharf
Woolwich Royal Arsenal
Greenwich Peninsula 


Barrier Park
Canning Town
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Royal Albert Wharf
Stratford Eye
Hallsville Quarter



Dalston Square
Haggerston and Kingsland


Elephant Park
Maple Quays
One the Elephant
Southbank Tower
Trafalgar Place



South-East region

The following heat networks are registered with Heat Trust in the South-East region, categorised by local authority:

Brighton and Hove City Council
Brighton Marina

Oxfordshire County Council
Bicester Heat Network

Southampton City Council
Centenary Quay

West Berkshire Council
Newbury Racecourse


South-West region

The following heat networks are registered with Heat Trust in the South-West region, categorised by local authority:

Bath and North East Somerset Council
Bath Western Riverside

Bristol City Council
The Paintworks

Devon County Council


North-East region 

The following heat networks are registered with Heat Trust in the North-East region, categorised by local authority:

Newcastle City Council



The following heat networks are registered with Heat Trust in Scotland, categorised by local authority:

Glasgow City Council

Highland Council
Deshar Road
Sluggan Drive