The Scheme Rules set out a common minimum standard in the quality and level of protection for heat network customers. They apply to heat networks registered with the Heat Trust Scheme.

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Minimum Guaranteed Service Payment (GSP) amounts

The Scheme Rules specify minimum GSP amounts for compensating customers in the event of certain failures to meet Guaranteed Service Standards. The amounts in the scheme rules are given as "(Indexed)", meaning that they are given at October 2015 prices (when the Scheme was launched) and must be uprated for inflation using official inflation figures. Since 1st April 2023, the minimum amounts are uprated for inflation once a year and fixed by Heat Trust as the Scheme Administrator.

The amount that apply from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 are:

"£30 (Indexed)" = £40

"£500 (Indexed)" = £695

"£24 (indexed)" = £35

"£54 (Indexed)" = £75

The minimum GSP amounts that previously applied for each month since the launch date are shown in this table.