2022/23 Financial Year

From the 1st April 2022 the Heat Trust site registration fee and annual fee (excluding VAT) will be:

     Site Registration Fee: £100.00 (one-off, on initial registration)

     Scheme Annual Fee: £3.95 per customer (domestic or micro-business) connection

Total Scheme Annual Fee will be calculated by multiplying the scheme annual fee by the number of heat customer connections at each registered site.


If you have any complaints taken to and accepted by the Ombudsman, then additional fees may apply. Complaints which complete through their Facilitated Complaint Response process have a fee of £170, and full cases have a fee of £400. For more details on the Ombudsman please see our FAQs on complaints and the Ombudsman, or visit the Ombudsman's website and terms of reference for what complaints can be accepted.